Two Sides - An Undertale Album

by NyxTheShield



released April 25, 2016

Paulina Ramírez // Summer Greenwitch for the Album Artwork
Alice Flare for the Vocals and Lyrics of "ASGORE"



Track Name: ASGORE
Oh, hello there dear child
I knew that this day would soon come
Here we meet,
We stand face-to-face
An empty glass here awaits.

Seven souls is all that it takes
And soon here, we shall meet our fate.
Will you stay determined and fight,
In this jaded twilight?

Come now,
Show me what you've got
I will not back down
Until your soul is mine
No mercy shall be found
For the lives of all
Living Underground
Their King shall light the way.

Weapon in your hand,
Frozen in your place
Telling me to stop,
There's another way.
I wish that we could
Have some tea instead,
But fate rests on our heads.

I have waited here
On this golden throne
With the golden flowers
Here all alone
Hoping for the day
I could rise again
And be the King I should be

Burdens weigh heavy
Here upon my back
It is up to me
To win our freedom back
I'm doing this for her,
And as well as him
The family I've loved and lost.

Somewhere in my mind,
I've seen you before
Could you be the one
I've been searching for?
You tell me I look
Like I've seen a ghost
I must be going crazy.

What good is a King
That can never win?
Defeated by a child,
Pure as innocence.
The one thing humans have,
That monsters never will:

Oh, on my knees
I kneel before you now.
But you show mercy...

I'm so confused,
Don't you want to go home, my child?
Are you sure you want to stay behind,
With no other way to leave this place, Frisk?

Even though's nothing left here
For me, but fallen glory.
Through your kindness, I've learned
That there's still hope in this world.